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    Is there a way to monitor how many times a submit button is clicked on an asp page.? Thank you in advance.

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    I don&#039t understand why you would want to do this? If you give me more info I might be able to help?

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    imran Qureshi Guest

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    Hi,<BR>This may be possible with ASP+ as and when released !<BR><BR>A quick thought:<BR>If the submit button is part of a form submission, then you can create a counter script which can increment every time the page is accessed. The only way the referring page is accessed is when the submit button on the form is pressed !<BR><BR>Hope this is clear.<BR><BR>IQ

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    Steve Cimino Guest

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    I use it so the user doesn&#039t keep pressing the Submit button hundreds of times... I think that&#039s what he wants it for:<BR><BR>var submitcount = 0; //Keep this global!!!<BR><BR>function SubmitMe(theForm){<BR><BR>if (submitcount == 0){<BR>submitcount++;<BR>theForm.submit();<BR>}<BR >else<BR>{<BR>alert("You have already submitted this form!");<BR>}<BR>}

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