I&#039m making a simple caluclation on form fields as follows:<BR>dim total<BR>if request.form("check1")="ON" then<BR>total1=request.form("box1") * request.form("qua1")<BR>end if<BR>response.write (total)<BR><BR>I need to put this statemnt into a loop to go through more than one field in that form.Assume that i have Three checkboxes,six text boxes (3 named "box x" and 3 named "qua x"), and then i need to find the total of this whole process from the whole form.I tried the following code but it didn&#039t work<BR><BR>dim total,x<BR>For x=1 to 3<BR>if request.form("check(x)")="ON" then<BR>total(x)=request.form("box(x)") * request.form("qua(x)")<BR>end if<BR>response.write (total(x)) &#039actually here i need the total of multiplying them all (i.e. box1*qua1+box2*qua2+box3*qua3)<BR>Next<BR><BR>Than k you in advance<BR><BR><BR>