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    Dear friends,<BR><BR>I am finding ASP a goldmine to treasure and so have just<BR>begun to create an ASP file test1.asp which has ASP scripts embeded between the sign "&#060;%" and "%&#062;".<BR>Running the script, however, causing it to open a Netscape Navigator browser and then it hangs there. Puzzled!!<BR><BR>Appreciate anyone who could advise me the do&#039s and don&#039ts<BR>for the first step so as to proceed with the journey that<BR>you all have been enjoying...<BR><BR>thanks in advance.<BR><BR>Francis.<BR><BR>

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    well, seems to me you&#039re either running it on your personal machine w/ no personal web server, or just running it on a server that doesn&#039t support asp...if you want a great asp host, is the place to go, i love it!!

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