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    I always get an error when i include the date in my sql statement:<BR>[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Too few parameters. Expected 2. My sql is:<BR>SqlX = "select * from tblBestSeller, Powerbooks where tblBestSeller.sku=Powerbooks.sku and BookType= &#039Fiction&#039 and StartDate &#060;= # " & Date() & "# and EndDate &#062;= #" & Date() & "#"<BR>Without the dates it works fine but I need to include these inclusive dates because the books featured will only be for a month and there are other books lined-up for the following months. Hope you could help with this! Thanks<BR>

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    Date() returns a date object not a string. I think you need to convert Date() to a string. i.e. CStr(Date())

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