Hi,<BR>I have IIS4 running on NT4SP4. My ASP scripts call the Date(), Day() and Month() functions very frequently. My application needs to run with the dd/mm/yyyy settings. I configured Regional Settings on NT to use dd/mm/yyyy as the date format. <BR><BR>However, each time I reboot the server, the date format reverts to mm/dd/yyyy even though when I look at the server&#039s Regional Settings, it shows dd/mm/yyyy. I have to change the format to mm/dd/yyyy, click apply and then change the format back to dd/mm/yyyy again and then click apply. Only then will the server&#039s date format get back to dd/mm/yyyy. <BR><BR>Why doesn&#039t the date format stay? Is there any way/fix to solve this problem? My administrator is getting tired of going back to the server to reset the date format.<BR><BR>Thanks!