Hello. It&#039s simple. I tried copying that .asp code and I am banging my head against the wall. Here&#039s the problem.<BR><BR>I am on NT. I need a simple "Fill in your email" subscription box form. I run NT formmail in my cgi-bin. So, how do I use THAT and how can I create an .asp page to hold the data? My server host said I MUST use .asp to do this. I HATE having the info ONLY go to my emai.<BR><BR>Sorry for the BOLD, it&#039s only meant to emphasize, not be rude. <BR><BR>The test form script, based on a suggestion on your page for creating an asp database is here:<BR>http://www.sigma2000.com/newpage5.htm<BR><BR>But what do I do? what do I ad to a basic NTFORMMAIL script? It is different from the one I showed you, but all I need is that script. It&#039s very frustrating that something so simple is hard with this NT. ANd no, I can&#039t change it, I wish I was able to. It&#039s not my decision.<BR><BR>Thank you very much.