division of numbers to get a percent like .05 not

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Thread: division of numbers to get a percent like .05 not

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    Default division of numbers to get a percent like .05 not

    In vbscript i am gettign a problem doing this.<BR><BR>When i am dividing to get a decimal say .. 1/45, in vb it says it equals something like 1.743432 E 2 .. so this does not help me at all .. i need the .022 response so i can convert it to a percent. <BR><BR>have any of you figured out a way to do this ?<BR>

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    Default ppl should do some research

    Hi, i would just like to say that it is almost disgusting how ppl come to message boards and want ppl to hand them answers!<BR><BR>I think that messageboard posting should be allowed when 1) you have done a fair bit of research on your own..<BR><BR>or 2) when the problem is way to complex or something..<BR><BR>that said i will give u a hint about where to look:<BR><BR>if someone releases a product ie something like this, there will ALWAYS be a developer center made by the company who made this product which is free and has loads of information<BR><BR>ex: the ppl who make netscape have http://developer.netscape.com for all their dev stuff.. they need to give away the syntaxes and methods or ppl would not use their browser..<BR><BR>microsoft has the same thing:<BR><BR>http://msdn.microsoft.com<BR><BR>i suggest you look there.. i will also give u an additional hint:<BR><BR>try http://www.microsoft.com/scripting<BR><BR>the official vbscript reference docs are there... go do some work<BR><BR>:P<BR><BR>jamez

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