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    Hi,<BR><BR>I have an access database which has had records deleted in the past. Although this database is fine on a win2000 "live" web server application. it kicks up errors when the same app is run on the same database on a personal web server / win 98. Whenever an "order by" statement in added to the sql connection string, an error is returned "record deleted".<BR><BR>I am not trying to refer to a deleted record (by id for example) just connecting to a database with loads of valid data.<BR><BR>Does anyone know of bugs perhaps with older versions of OBDC stuff? It&#039s odd that this app works fine on win2000 server and not on pws / win98 where it was originally written!<BR><BR>DC

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    I suggest you show us your query, then we may have a slim chance of spotting your problem.

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