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    Hi all, <BR><BR>Before I ask you my main question.. let me tell you a little about the situation. I have partitioned my hard drive and installed NT 4.0WS and win 98. MY NT 4.0 WS does not recongize my modem, but that a different thing and so I DONT want to install IIS or PWS on it. <BR><BR>When I tried to install PWS on my win98 from my CD, it gives me this message which goes something like this "This version of Windows 98 is older than the one you have installed, so all setups from this are disabled". I think thats cuz i used my freinds CD when i installed my win98 (mine was giving problems). <BR><BR>anyway, i tried installing it anyway... it DID but during installation gave me some errors saying "this file is not installed, may not work when you access "so and so""<BR><BR>MY QUESTIONS:--<BR>1. since my PWS on my CD seem to be oder version... how can i install the latest one?<BR>2. Is there a place i can download PWS for win98 (second version). the MS site talks about PWS for win95 and NT option pack. and mentions about the CD thing.. no download for win98 specific.<BR>3. Is it true that i can download NT option pack 4.0 and install just the PWS part of it?<BR><BR><BR>Thank you all very much in advance, i&#039m a newbie and will appreciate your help. Help me get started into ASP!<BR><BR>-CH.<BR><BR> p.s. No i dont want to install Frontpage PWS. i heard it gives a lot of problems.

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    PWS is in the NT Option Pack and will run on 95, 98 or NT Workstation. They just don&#039t explain it very well - I spent about 5 hours looking for PWS for Win95 before I cottoned on...<BR><BR>Yes, you can download the Option Pack and just install PWS. It&#039s a 30-odd MB download though...<BR><BR>Dunc

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