Maintaining state - is this the perfect solution?

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Thread: Maintaining state - is this the perfect solution?

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    While browsing online resources to find the best way to maintain state I came across this article at 15 Seconds that shows how to maintain state information (and anything else) using a hidden frame:<BR><BR>This seems to be the perfect solution to the problem of passing values from page to page with querystrings and/or hidden fields. Using session variables or cookies is the obvious way to maintain values between pages but I can&#039t see how you can rely on this as the client may have cookies turned off in their browser.<BR><BR>I&#039d appreciate any comments as there seems to be so much discussion on the importance of maintaining state and the various methods involved yet this approach seems to be just perfect.<BR><BR>Regards<BR><BR>Ross

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    My feelin is that very few people disable cookies, because they would not be able to do much e-commerce without them. I think it is reasonable to state on you home page that your site requires visitors to enable cookies, and give sufficient instructions for them to be able to alter browser settings to your minimum requirement

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