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    Am I the first one post questions? Hehe... &#039cause I got a lot interesting question about ASP database to share with you. ASP is not hard at all until I start to deal with database. It was Access 2000, now slowly migrate to SQL 7. <BR><BR>Anyway, question No.1,<BR>To update a recordset in database, I use to have to update each field one by one explicitly since database was rather small. For example: update("name1"), update("name2")... Now, I have a record that I don&#039t know or I don&#039t care the name of field since not every field has to have data. I need to only display and update those that have data. Is it possible to for loop do this? Thank you!!<BR><BR> -- HP

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    Sorry, I guess I&#039m not the first who posted!<BR>

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