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    Hello,<BR><BR>I&#039ve currently got Personal Web Server installed on my win95 PC, and it&#039s working fine.<BR><BR>But I would like to have the version that is equivalent to IIS 5.0 (I need to use some functionality such as "server.transfer" that only 5.0 has)<BR><BR>My questions are:<BR><BR>Is there a PWS version available for WIN95 that includes features of 5.0?<BR><BR>If so, what is the name of the .exe that I need to download? Got a page link?<BR><BR>I appreciate your help, Rob

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    ASP 3.0 is VERY tightly integrated to win2k (to the extent that it won&#039t run on win98)<BR><BR>sorry, no chance, upgrade.<BR><BR>(I&#039m buying a new machine especially for it, delivery in two days, apparently)<BR><BR>jason

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