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    I used a DO loop to list the results based on cetain criteria. I would like it so that if you clicked on one of these results, more information would appear underneath it. It would look like this:<BR><BR>result<BR>result<BR>result<BR> more information<BR>result<BR>result<BR><BR>My problem is that the Do loop makes it so that that one piece of information is under all results:<BR><BR>results<BR> more info...<BR>results <BR> more info..<BR>etc...<BR><BR>I&#039ve tried to match certain querystring criteria but I can&#039t get it to ignore all the other results.<BR><BR>Does this make sense to anyone?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>

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    I suspect the appeareance of the &#039more info&#039 tag is based upon criteria of the actual data right ?<BR><BR>You could easily solve this by setting a flag whenever the &#039more info&#039 tag should be displayed.<BR><BR>Although. I don&#039t know what you intend to achieve. There is no way asp can be involved in the dynamical characteristic of a webpage after it has been created by the server!

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