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    I&#039ve been using SQLServer - ASP for a while but a particular client wants Oracle at the back end for corporate reasons. I&#039ve tested some small apps and after playing with the ODBC driver, oracle seems to work OK (as does DB2). I would be interested in knowing whether anyone has come across any problems. In the new app, the oracle DB will be large (tera bytes). The ASP will mainly be used to construct and store SQL queries.

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    I have been recently working with an ASP ad-hoc reporting front end for an Oracle 8i data warehouse and have had no real problems. I did have some issues with the drivers, but installing the MDAC 2.1 and using Microsoft ODBC for Oracle v2.573.4202.00 seems to have fixed them. Performance seems to be in line with the large size of the data warehouse, but some additional coding was used to slim down some of the longer SQL statements to better the perfomance. Overall, I don&#039t think you should have too much of a problem.

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    What "Oracle ODBC Driver" are you using?<BR> - Oracles ODBC Dreiver?<BR> - Microsoft&#039s ODBC Driver?<BR> - What Version/<BR><BR>Some of Oracle&#039s older ODBC Drivers (V1 and V2) do not scale well in web applications.<BR><BR>In fact, I have had better performamce using Microsoft&#039s ODBC Driver for Oracle, rather than Oracle&#039s own ODBC driver.<BR><BR>I suggest that you consider the use of an OLE DB Provider, rather than an ODBC Driver. Providers can potentially improve the performance of your web apps (8-10 fold).<BR><BR>Caution: Microsoft&#039s OLE DB Provider for Oracle (MSDAORA) works well; however, it has some limitations (it doesn&#039t support cursor types required for RecordCounts).<BR><BR>I understand that Oracle&#039s OLE Provider for Oracle does support RecordCounts (unfortunately, i haven&#039t tried yet)<BR><BR>I hope this helps.

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