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    Jeff Lowry Guest

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    Can you automatically submit a form using ASP rather than requiring a user to click on the submit button?<BR><BR>I want to send 3 different emails when they click once. I was thinking of directing it back to my asp page with hidden form fields then doing a submit again.<BR><BR>Any one have another way using a cgi form mailer?<BR>Thanks.

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    Jason P Guest

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    You can not automatically submit a form using ASP because ASP is server side, and for a form to exist on a page, the page would have to be rendered in the client browser. You could however submit a form using javascript instead of using the submit button.<BR><BR>How are you sending the emails? Are you using server-side email components such as CDONTS? If so, there is no reason to resubmit a form to send multiple items. You can script out as many email messages as you want within the same ASP file. I have sent multiple messages to one person, the same message to multiple people, or a combination thereof within the same script.<BR><BR>As far as CGI is concerned, why would you use a CGI file if you are running ASP?<BR><BR>-Regards<BR>

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