i have a table with category , state,city,company name and descriptions fields. The values of category, state and city are coming thru a html select list. <BR>my query is <BR>select * from userinfo where comp_name like &#039%"&y&"%&#039 or desc like &#039%"&y&"%&#039 and prodcat=&#039"&m&"&#039 and city=&#039"&n&"&#039 and state=&#039"&o&"&#039 order by id"<BR><BR>The table has a record of abc comapny, dealer, accessories, bombay,maharashtra <BR><BR>The problem is if i select the correspoding state and city which is there in databsae .. the result is fine . but if i select a state or city whihc is not there in database. I still get the record in search . Can anyone help with correct syntanxx<BR><BR>brij <BR><BR><BR>