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    pillai Guest

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    how do u expire the values entered in a form<BR>in I.E 5 .<BR>i have tried using both <BR>Response.expires=0<BR>Response.expiresabsolute =NoW()-1<BR> but it does&#039nt expire<BR><BR>Thanks in advance

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    SteveyT Guest

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    That&#039s how u do it... as in; if you go back to this page you&#039ve done with that code in it, it&#039ll say "page expired"... also to note that if you set the response.expires to before now() then the page will expire the moment the clients either browse to another page, or close their browser...<BR><BR>SteveyT

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    IE5 is too clever for its own good though.<BR><BR>It won&#039t recognise Response.Expires and no-cache<BR>if the user&#039s IE settings are not set to refresh<BR>each visit to the page.<BR><BR>To get round this I append a random number to<BR>every querystring, and with every form I use a hidden field whose<BR>value is a random number.<BR><BR>HTH

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