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    hetana Guest

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    I am getting Java Script error "document.form.all"<BR>is not a Java Script Function.<BR><BR>This is happening in an ASP page when I am trying to validate a Date field through Netscape.<BR><BR>Pl help me.<BR><BR>

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    Default Not ASP...but...

    You need to learn about *ALL* the differences between MSIE and NS. NS does *not* support the "all" collection, and that is just for *STARTERS*.<BR><BR>You can go here to learn a lot:<BR><BR><BR>and you should also go to<BR><BR>and check out the JavaScript FAQ, and more.<BR><BR>But if you didn&#039t even know that NS doesn&#039t support "all", you have a *long* learning curve ahead of you.<BR>

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    Joel M Guest

    Default RE: Java Script

    I&#039m sensing that your problem isn&#039t one with ASP, but with javascript....I&#039d help you, but you didn&#039t provide any code so we can debug it....<BR><BR>if you are trying to refer to a text field, you would do it like this:<BR><BR>document.form.textname.value;<BR><BR> or<BR><BR>document.form.textname.value.length;<BR> <BR>it&#039s pretty self explanatory what values these would return, and you can use that information to validate the form..<BR><BR>hope it helps<BR><BR>Joel<BR>

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    Default Not real clear, but...

    &nbsp;<BR>&#062;I&#039d help you, but you didn&#039t provide any code so we can debug it....<BR><BR>Yes, he/she did provide the code (as part of the reported error message, as just slightly reformatted here):<BR><BR>I am getting Java Script error:<BR> "document.form.all" is not a Java Script Function.<BR><BR>And the error comes because the "all" property is supported by MSIE but not by NS. This is strictly a cross-browser issue.<BR><BR>

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