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    I have been developing ASP for about one year and have always use ADO in my ASP to do data access to SQL Server. <BR><BR>I am about to make a couple of asp pages that would get about 100K kits a day. These pages will be reading and adding records to a SQL Server database, no business logic involved. My manager is telling that he read somewhere that using VB/COM will make my pages runs faster/and scale better (because of connection pooling), if I move my database read/write from ASP to this VB/COM. <BR><BR>However, I thought OLE-DB already does connection pooling. Given that, what advantage will I get by moving my db access from ASP to VB COM?<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    You can write pretty little functions and subroutines in your COM object to make your code *much* more readable. COM can also handle errors infinitely better than script. You&#039re also not having to recompile the same ADO-opening logic every single time you perform a basic database operation (as you would with script).<BR><BR>My first usable COM object was a database connecter. It&#039s made my life so much easier...

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    Hi,<BR> using VB, with COM certainly has scaling advantages, in the sense that if you put whatever business rules you are implementing into a VB component, speed of access, and object pooling, as well as aiding future development extensions is achieved. you are right though, as regards connection pooling, this is implemented ( to my knowledge ) on SQL Server( via OLE-DB).<BR><BR>

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