I&#039d already posted this message and got a reply. But, it gives me an error when i try to click on the reply.<BR>so, posting this again. sorry, for opening a new thread.<BR><BR>I am trying to figure out like how I am going to do this.<BR>Any suggestions are welcome.<BR><BR>For our project, we have different banners for different pages.<BR>Added to the banners, we have links (as images) to those pages.<BR>each link should also be passed with a parameter.<BR><BR>To have a similar look and feel for all the pages,we are trying to put this banner and the links(images) in one include file.<BR>though the links will be similar , the banner images are different.<BR><BR>for each asp page, we will have a different image banner.<BR><BR>is there a way that we can program it, so that when we run the file, it will dynamically figure out the banner image we want to use and add to to the respective screen.<BR><BR>I hope I am clear.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Darlene.