...still need help on security problem......

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Thread: ...still need help on security problem......

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    im writing this web base application that logs on a user with their username and password. how do i keep from storing all the viewed pages in their history? someone could just walk right in,open a valid user&#039s history file and login! ive tried everything from meta experation dates,to deleting the cache,to playing around with the history object. and made all the links window.location.replace(URL). anyone have any more suggestions?? <BR>

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    Steve Cimino Guest

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    I haven&#039t read your other 3 posts on this subject, nor am I going to since you&#039re asking again (you shouldn&#039t keep re-posting new topics).<BR><BR>Use a cookie. Let the cookie expire at the end of the session. Kill the browser cache. If the cookie value doesn&#039t exist when the page loads, response.redirect to the login page. This will work even when someone uses the back button. I&#039ve used it before.<BR><BR>BTW, the history object is read-only. Don&#039t bother looking for a way to clear it.

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    This mite be a stoopid suggestion, but could you not use frames? The only page saved in history would be the default page which holds the frameset. Couldnt you use an include file in the default page to load the frameset code so nobody can see the page names?<BR>Dont know if it will work or not, just thinkin and typin...<BR>Sorry,<BR>SteveF

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    Great Idea!!

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