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    im writing this web base application that logs on a user with their username and password. how do i keep from storing all the viewed pages in their history? someone could just walk right in,open a valid user&#039s history file and login! ive tried everything from meta experation dates,to deleting the cache,to playing around with the history object. and made all the links window.location.replace(URL). anyone have any suggestions??

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    dropkickFreddy Guest

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    I don&#039t recommend playing around too much with those meta experation dates, especially if you don&#039t really know much about them. I presume you don&#039t know much about them, AM I RIGHT.

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    C3PO Guest

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    At top of page ....<BR><BR>&#060;% response.expires = -1 %&#062;<BR><BR>(I think????????)<BR>HTH

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    ASP Developer Guest

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    actually, i know quite a bit about them. i did that as a suggestion of another developer as a possible solution. it didnt work. but really,whats your point? you never even answered or addressed my quetion....

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    ASP Developer Guest

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    hmm...ok,thats an idea. but how is setting the expiration time of the server side response going to solve the history prob?

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    You could just use this after the user successfully logs in. <BR>Session("loggedIn") = "yes"<BR>Now, on each page that you only want accessible to a valid logged in person put this<BR>if (Session("loggedIn") &#060;&#062; "") then<BR> &#039show them the page<BR>else<BR> &#039send them to the login screen<BR>end if<BR>Now anyone snooping in the history folder will be denied access.<BR><BR>

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