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    Jason M Guest

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    Is there any good way to debug a COM control when using Com/MTS?<BR>I&#039m using VB to create the components.<BR>

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    Christiaan Guest

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    If you want to debug with the ability to trace into the code, you should be able to do that in the same way as with a &#039normal&#039 component.<BR><BR>However, when you&#039re using the objectcontext provided by MTS instead of the scriptingcontext, you may get into trouble because a component that uses objectcontext cannot be debugged with code-tracing (not for as far as i know at least).<BR><BR>The only way (my way) is to combine both the SC and OC into one module. When you compile the component, you can choose to compile it for the SC or for the OC. The last choice allows you to debug with the ability to trace into the code. <BR><BR>There&#039s an excellent article about this over at He only has several articles, but the one you need is titled &#039conditionally compiling your components with objectcontext/scriptingcontext&#039 (or something like that).<BR><BR>If there&#039s anyone who knows how to actually debug a component that uses the OC (with the ability to trace into the code), please let me know :) <BR><BR>

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