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    How can I show / hide different HTML form elements on button click event using Client Side Script in JavaScript & it should work in both Netscape & IE ?

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    You can&#039t really dynamically hide / unhide page elements is Netscape - it doesn&#039t dynamically render the document. Once it&#039s rendered, that&#039s it. You can move stuff around, but only if it&#039s absolutley positioned - the idea of trying to lay out a form absolutely gives me the horrors (especially cross-browser).<BR><BR>Learn the limitations of the client!!<BR><BR>Dunc

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    On your event, call a function which then sets the element style attribute visibility = "hidden" or visibility = "visible"<BR><BR>eg:<BR>function ButtonClicked()<BR>{<BR>FormName.ElementName.style .visibility = "hidden" ;<BR>}<BR><BR>

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