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    I have a text field in a database, and I need to display the first line (or x lines) of that field (although they might not contain carriage returns). Is there something like getline or readline to get the lines I want after I get the content of the field from the database? Please I need an answer even if it applies only if there are carriage returns. Thanks

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    If you don&#039t have carriage returns, then by definition your text data is one line. If you have carriage returns, you could just take the line up until the Chr(13)&chr(10) characters that make up the carriage return.<BR><BR>If you are doing something like just getting the first line or two from a paragraph (to give a summary of the content for example) then one method would be to take the first (say) 50 characters {left(myText,50)} then continue along the line until you reach the next end of sentence character such as .?! etc.<BR><BR>

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