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    lagerBoy just rang me from his mobile phone on his way home from work. He sounded rather flustered(?) and said he was very tired or something (it was a bit incomprehensible, I suspect he&#039s been drinking his home brews again).<BR><BR>Anyway he wanted to pass on that he will not be available for comment until tomorrow, as he&#039s been awake for the last 30 odd hours without sleep.<BR><BR>Goodnight ;)

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    um yea, that&#039s nice<BR><BR>tell him that well miss him alot ?<BR><BR>nite<BR><BR>(weird crowd)<BR><BR>peace

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    Hi,<BR><BR>I just wanted to let everyone know that I am about to go to the bathroom, so I will be away from my computer for a bit. After that, I might make a sandwich or something, so don&#039t be alarmed if I do not respond immediately. Oh! And tonight I have a hot date, so please -- no questions between 7:00 PM and midnight!<BR><BR> - but I AM<BR>

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