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Thread: Request.ServerVariables("LOGON_USER")

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    ronald Guest

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    I want to use Request.ServerVariables("LOGON_USER") on ou intranet so i can check which user visited the site. We have a PDC and IIS 4.0 is running on the BDC. Sometimes it works but when I refresh my browser is stops working and I can&#039t get it working again. Is there a bug concerning this matter or is there perhaps an other explaination?

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    I N S O M n I c(?) Guest

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    I think sundance had the answer to this one.

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    Ronald Guest

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    How can I get sundance to answer this?

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    sundance Guest

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    Well as a matter of fact dear sir - I DO KNOW THE ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTION - however I notice that nobody has bothered to answer my earlier posting.<BR><BR>If you would so kindly read it and tell me your thoughts, I&#039ll consider - <BR>a) Going to bed<BR>b) Buying a camel<BR>c) Reading phone books

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