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    Allen Chen Guest

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    I have two MS Access database files, "a.mdb" and "b.mdb". How can I link tables from both datbases like:<BR>"SELECT * from Database1.Table1 JOIN Database2.Table2 WHERE Table1.ID = Table2.ID" ? <BR><BR>I know that in Visual Basic you can query through multiple files by using syntax like:<BR>"SELECT * FROM &#039c:datadb1.mdb&#039.table1 JOIN &#039c:datadb2.mdb&#039.table2 ...."<BR><BR>Thank you very much,<BR><BR>Allen Chen<BR>

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    Richard L. Guest

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    I *think* you would need a component to expose that kind of functionality to ASP. But you could easily create a link in access from one .mdb file to a table / query in another .mdb file.<BR><BR>That would be my suggestion.

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