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    spectro Guest

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    Hello:<BR><BR>I have installed Backoffice 4.0 (NT4, IIS 4, Option Pack and SQL 6.5) in a PC. Everything looks fine but looks like it installed an old ASP engine version and I get "Syntax Error" in stuff like regular expressions, SetLocale(), etc...<BR><BR>I have tried reinstalling, aplying latest services packs but it doesn&#039t work. Is there any way to know what version of ASP/VbScript I am running?<BR><BR>Any help appreciated,<BR>spectro<BR>

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    lagerBoy Guest

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    Download the latest Scripting engine from Microsoft, maybe? I don&#039t know our network guy handles operating environment stuff.

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    shaffer Guest

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    Yes, that&#039s correct. You must download the latest scripting engine (free)

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    spectro Guest

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    Ok, but WHERE?<BR>Just checked the Microsoft Scripting Site and found that RegExp and SetLocale are supported only in IIS5 and IE5. Now that I remember, the server where this stuff works has IE5 installed.<BR>Thanks!

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