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    I&#039ve created a form where someone can log in. The page that receives the info from the form sets a cookie on the machine. I would like for the person to be able to already have the text box for username filled in upon returning. So on the form where they log in, I&#039m saying<BR><BR>var = request.cookies("mycookie")("username")<BR><BR>&#0 60;input type="text" name="username" value="&#060;%=var%&#062;"&#062;<BR><BR>This is not working. Can anyone shed some light on these delicious things we call cookies:? Thanks.

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    When you set your cookie, make sure you specify an expiration date. Otherwise, it is only good for the length of the session.<BR><BR>Use<BR>response.cookies("mycookie" )("username")=request("username")<BR>response.cook ies("mycookie").expires=Date+365<BR><BR>This will make your cookie persist on the client computer for one year.

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