Once logged in to our website with a login/password, a user will ultimately download theFile.exe. We want to limit the # of downloads of this file to thrice per login. The file is simply an HREF on our Download page, nothing fancy.<BR><BR>Is there any way to know for sure whether the download of the file followed through to completion? For example, if I simply check/increment a count each time a user hits the link:<BR><BR>&#060;A HREF="./theFile.exe" onClick="return verifyDownloadability();"&#062;Download Now!&#060;/A&#062;<BR><BR>then the presumption is that by hitting the link, the user has downloaded the file. That&#039s not true though, as I can very easily invoke the download and then cancel for whatever reason (I hit Cancel, power went out, etc). We do not want these failed attempts to count as downloads.<BR><BR>How do I do this? I see big sites like Tucows.com showing the "# of downloads this week" of their files and stuff, but I don&#039t see anything fancy going on. Surely they account for these incomplete downloads (hm, or maybe not...)<BR><BR>Thanks very much.<BR>-Jeff Ishaq