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    alok Guest

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    Hi ,<BR> I want to upload and dowload files from Client to Webserver(IIS)<BR> thru HTML client . <BR> What is the best way to do that<BR>Alok

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    Ian Smith Guest

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    There is a good article on how to do this in Pinnacle&#039s first issue of "ActiveWeb Developer". However to go beyond what the article does (allows upload of files that are recognised as "web files" eg GIF/JPEG files) you need a FREE server-side component from www.SoftArtisans.com This allows upload of any binary type file (eg Word document etc).<BR><BR>However I&#039d be VERY wary of how you make this available. The method explained (which is too long with too much code to explain here, but involves manually using the FORM with "enctype="multipart/form" and parsing it yourself in code) involves the whole document "temporarily" being stored in an ASP variable! Imagine what someone trying to upload a 10Meg document is going to do to your server - especially if you&#039re allowing simultaneous uploads!<BR><BR>Ian

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