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    simon_clark Guest

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    Hello<BR>I am trying to password protect an access 97 db so that only my asp scripts can have access to it and that no script can access it unless they use the password and user name.<BR>I have tried to set up a new user in the databse but cant find how to set the password for this user. Also, surely even if I do figure this out, can someone still access the db as though they were admin?<BR>Please help!<BR>Simon

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    Bill J Guest

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    There is no way you can completely cut off others from using the database, What you can do is create an odbc connection to the database and password protect that, thus they need a password to access it, the only problem with this is that if someone else has access tot he server they can also creat an ODBC connection to it and just not include a password or give themself one...<BR><BR>Also don&#039t put the database in any directory which IIS or whetever web server can see, for then a person could just download the database...<BR><BR>Sorry, but I hope this helps a bit.<BR><BR>Bill J

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