I&#039m atempting to write a message board in asp that uses recursion to draw the posts and thier child posts, that pulls the posts out of a database.<BR><BR>To do this I&#039ve writtena a function that&#039s only variable is a the parent Id, it then does a SQL query to pull a recordset that contains all of the records that are childs of that particular parent id. It writes the information for the first message. It then, while in the function, calls itself with the id of the child, so that when the functin loads again it pulls the child items of the current item. <BR><BR>What I&#039m wondering is whether on the next call whether or not the recordset is written over or wether a new recordset is spawned, if it&#039s written over I&#039ll only get the first "branch", if not then it will function correctly.<BR><BR>So how does a recursive function in ASP deal with Recordset objects? and how does the recordset object persist in memory?<BR><BR>Bill J