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    I have a field on a page that I want to round UP to the nearest thousand dollars... ie, everything between $24,000.01 and $24,999.99 should read $25,000. I flipped through all the functions but I can&#039t find the right one. I could do it in Excel... =ROUNDUP(conditions,-3) worked... any way to duplicate that with VBScript? Thanks everyone!!

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    Did you try FIX(number) , this would strip off decimal part and then you can add 1

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    Yes... that is close, however I don&#039t think it quite accomplishes what I would like.<BR><BR>Everything between $24,000.01 and $24,999.99 must be expressed as $25,000.00... rounded up to the next highest thousand dollars.<BR>I could do a For..Next loop but I think that will be too resource intensive. Thanks for the reply.

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