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    is it possible that there is a combox box that let user to chosse the product id once they selected in the same time the price of the text box will be display the price of that product id? without press any submit button !!!

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    I&#039m not sure exactly what you&#039re trying to ask, but it is possible. It&#039s all client-side script - just make sure the data is sent to the client (say, in hidden fields or something) then write some script on the client.<BR><BR>This forum isn&#039t really the place to discuss such matters though - try a site specializing in (client-side) JavaScript or DHTML.<BR><BR>Dunc

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    Default Yes, it's possible

    Call a javascript function by using an onchange event handler on<BR>the select box. The javascript function should be dynamically<BR>written from ASP to get the price values given the product ID<BR>chosen. <BR><BR>Something like this:<BR><BR>if (id == 10) price = $100.00;<BR>if (id == 15) price = $150.00;<BR>if (id == 20) price = $120.00;<BR><BR>finally, the function will populate a text box named "price" with<BR>the price like this:<BR><BR>document.myform.price.value = price;<BR><BR><BR><BR>-- Skippie

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