Can Global.asa redirect 404 errors?

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Thread: Can Global.asa redirect 404 errors?

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    Default Can Global.asa redirect 404 errors?

    My ISP (Verio) claims that the global.asa file will enable me to catch 404 errors, but offer no help. Additionally, they will not alter the 404.html error through the IIS console, claiming it&#039s the same one for all their customers with domains on NT servers.<BR><BR>Is it possible to catch html based (not .asp) 404 errors with the global.asa? That&#039s the one I really have to catch and redirect with logic in an asp page.<BR><BR>Regards,<BR><BR>Tom

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    Nonsense - your ISP is spinning you a line. Dump them if you can and find one who (a) has a clue, and (b) will actually set up your server the way you want it.<BR><BR>Custom error pages in IIS can be set on a folder-by-folder basis even within a single web site, so they definitely should be able to change yours without affecting any other clients.<BR><BR>Global.asa can ONLY contain Application event handlers (Application_onStart and _onEnd), Session event handlers (Session_onStart and _onEnd), &#060;OBJECT&#062; declarations and TypeLibrary declarations. It&#039s got nothing whatsoever to do with handing errors, especially not HTTP errors.<BR><BR>Dunc<BR><BR>Dunc

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