I am building an on-line job application, but I&#039m having a problem with some of my fields (ODBC Drivers error &#039 80040e07&#039 - Disallowed implicit conversion). For example, UserID is a key in all of my tables. When a user first logs on they sign up with a UserName and Password and SQL assigns the UserID (it&#039s an identity field). Then I pass UserID as a session object to the other pages where it&#039s picked up in a hidden field to be included in the SQL insert string. However ASP sees UserID as a string and SQL won&#039t let me to insert it into an INT field. I&#039ve tried CInt to force ASP to change it back to an integer, but I still get the "disallowed implicit conversion" error. I&#039m also having this problem whenever I try to put data into decimal, smallmoney, and smallint fields in SQL. So I think it has to do with the way I&#039m creating my SQL insert --<BR><BR>&#039 Create SQL Insert String<BR>FOR EACH thing IN Request.FORM<BR>IF Request.Form(thing)&#060;>"" and UCASE(thing)&#060;>"CHKPASS" THEN<BR> Columns=Columns&thing&","<BR> IF Request.Form(thing)="CHECKED" THEN<BR> Value=Value&"1,"<BR> ELSE<BR> Value=Value&"&#039"&KillQuotes(Request.Form(thing) )&"&#039,"<BR> END IF<BR>END IF<BR>NEXT<BR>Cols="INSERT CSAUsers (" & left(Columns,len(Columns)-1) & ") "<BR>Val="VALUES (" & left(Value,len(Value)-1) & ")"<BR>SQL=Cols&Val<BR>conn.Execute SQL<BR><BR><BR>Any idea what I&#039m doing wrong? Thanks for your help.<BR><BR>Marcie<BR>MBenedetto@ci.denver.co.us