Using VB COM to grab .HTML pagew over the net.

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Thread: Using VB COM to grab .HTML pagew over the net.

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    Stefan Guest

    Default Using VB COM to grab .HTML pagew over the net.

    Hi:<BR><BR>I want to create a COM object with VB6 to enable the reading, modifying and writing of remotely read txt files or HTML files. Java io has facilities to easily do this but I have been unable to find any info on doing this in a VB COM setting.

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    SPG Guest

    Default Double-edged sword of an .ocx

    Well, you can use the msinet.ocx to enable page-grabbing from a .dll very very simply. <BR><BR>This isn&#039t necessarily a good thing, though. Grabbing a nearby web page (or, more precisely, not quite grabbing it for reasons unknown -- it worked sometimes) froze up IIS 5. Couldn&#039t even restart it because it insisted that it couldn&#039t be killed (which would be okay, it&#039s just that all of the incoming requests were queuing up behind this silly msinet.ocx which wasn&#039t completing...)<BR><BR>There are specialized components (or alternate languages, as you observed) which can handle this for you -- probably without eating IIS. I would advise you use them.

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