Hi,<BR><BR>I have a question involving using a DTC Recordset on a default client scripting platform on Interdev 6.0. I&#039ve been trying to get a DTC Grid to show my data from an Access DB table that allows me to navigate (via a recordsetNavbar) through each record on the client instead of going to the server everytime. I&#039ve changed to the default scripting platform in the page properties -- this results in no data being shown in the grid and a lot of errors involving not being able to find my recordset.<BR><BR>I&#039ve tried altering recordset.htm to change the line:<BR>var strServer = &#039http://&#039 + document.domain;<BR>~ to ~<BR>var strServer = &#039https://&#039 + document.domain;<BR>which results in the a blank grid again.<BR><BR>Most of the doc I&#039ve seen mentions that it only requires changing the default scripting platform on the page properties and changing a few vbscript language tags from server to client... what am I doing wrong?! I&#039ve been trying to get the example in the article from http://www.asptoday.com/articles/19990311.htm to work, but even this article&#039s "simple" sample isn&#039t working! HELP!<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Janet