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    I want to be able to detect when a session has ended, and then send the user to a re-login screen. For example, if the user has been idle for 15 minutes, a re-login screen will appear as soon as they attempt to do anything. Can I do this? I&#039ve been trying to use Session_OnEnd to set a variable, then check the variable in each page and use response.redirect to go to the re-login screen. Can&#039t get it working though.<BR><BR>Any suggestions??<BR><BR>Kelly

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    To take a user back to logon after 15mins(lets say)<BR>1. Keep Session.Timeout=15<BR><BR>Now you want to check. <BR>1. Set a Session variable like Session("UserLogged") = True<BR> when the user logs on successfully. No use setting a variable<BR> on Session_OnEnd<BR>2. Lets say user is idle for 15 mins the session will timeout<BR> and the above variable will become blank.<BR>3. Check on each page if this Session var is blank and take him.her <BR> to login page if this is blank.<BR>

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