Hi<BR><BR>I am currently trying to split my search results in seperate pages so that it only displays 10 results on a page then says click page 2 /3 /4 etc, depending on how many products there are.<BR><BR>Well I have managed to get it to count the results and it displays on the results screen the number of recoreds found, says its only displaying 1 - 10 of 60 recordes found, and then shows pages numbers 1 to 6.<BR><BR>Except it hasnt actually spit the records up, ie. It still brings back the 60 results on one page. So basically Im half way there, but its not actually putting the results on seperate pages.<BR><BR>Does any one know what I have left out? I wont paste the code here unless anyone would like it as its quite long, but I would love to if someone thinks it would help.<BR><BR>Thanks very much<BR><BR>Caroline