<layer> or <div>..which to use

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Thread: <layer> or <div>..which to use

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    Default <layer> or <div>..which to use

    If I am using layers with Netscape, why should I use the &#060;lAYER&#062; tag as opposed to the &#060;Div&#062; tag....I would rather use the &#060;DIV&#062; tag for cross browser compatibility, but I have been hearing from some people to use the &#060;Layer&#062; but never really finding out why?? Anybody know??

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    Default Yeah!

    Yeah, Ive wondered that for ages, and been too proud to ask the question.<BR><BR>I always end up writing complicated JScrips to solve the problem, but if there was an easier way than to say:<BR><BR>if IE { Blah } else ( Bler )<BR><BR>Then I&#039d love to know (even though it would lead me to re-writing at least 2 scripts that I can think of).<BR><BR>Blah and Bler - I&#039m gonna call that the lagerBoy naming convention.

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