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    I have to forms in two pages.When i click submit in the second form, i&#039ll trigger an ASP code that will handle information in the first and the second form.My question is,how can i refer the ASP code (which will start from the second form submit button)to take information from the first form and use them (ex:send them to a database).<BR><BR>Explanantion:two forms, form 1 and form 2. Form 1 will be filled out and there will a link to from it to form 2. After filling form 2 and click the submit button, i need the ASP code to send the information from form 1 and 2 to a database.How can i make the ASP go and take information from form 1 and send it to the database???<BR><BR>Thanks

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    you need to store the information from the first form before getting on to the second form. the best way would be to form1 submit to form2 which would then have a set of hidden fields, corresponding to the fields of form1, which then get submitted with form2 - all you then need to do is use ASP in form2 to write the values into the hidden fields<BR><BR>&#060;input type="hidden" name="name" value="&#060;%= Request.Form("value") %&#062;" /&#062;<BR><BR>jason

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