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    Rob Guest

    Default ASP+ to run?

    Hi.<BR><BR>It is to my understanding that I only need the .aspx extension on the ASP+ files for them to run. Is this correct?<BR><BR>Also, I do need IE5 to run them at this point,<BR>is this also correct?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Rob

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    Doug Seven Guest

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    Well...basically...but it is a little more. Currently you need:<BR> - Windows 2000 (Server recommended)<BR> - IE5.5<BR> - IIS 5.0<BR> - PDC Tech Preview runtime<BR><BR>The .aspx extension will identify the file as an ASP+ file. This will make it get processed by the .Net runtime. Most of ASP3.0 transferred over, with subtle changes...i.e:<BR>ASP3.0 - Response.Write "Hi" <BR>ASP+ - Response.Write("Hi")<BR><BR>I am writing an article on migrating ASP to ASP+ to be featured at in the upcoming weeks.<BR><BR>Doug Seven<BR>CodeJunkies.Net /<BR>

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    Rob Guest

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    Yes. I am all set. <BR><BR>It&#039s not installed yet.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Rob

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    Chad Youngberg Guest

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    &#062; ASP3.0 - Response.Write "Hi" <BR>&#062; ASP+ - Response.Write("Hi")<BR><BR>Does this mean parenthesis are now going to be required (allowed?) when calling a sub?<BR><BR>Please say yes.

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    Doug Seven Guest

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    &nbsp;<BR>Yes :)

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    s Guest

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    can ASP+ code run on any platform<BR>As far as writing ASP code is concerned its only written / need the configuration that is given<BR>but it can run with wndows 95 also<BR>thats what is the aim of .NET framework<BR>

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    Viji Sekar Guest

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    To run your asp+ program.<BR><BR>You have give the file extn as .aspx & need II5 & IE 5.5 to run <BR>aspx program.<BR><BR>

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    makarand korde Guest

    Default RE:database connectivity in ASP+ to run?

    i want to know abuot the connectivity & the compactibility of different datsaabases to asp+

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    Default RE: ASP+ to run?

    i&#039;m just curious.. what&#039;s the significance of being able to do a response.write("Hi") instead of a response.write "hi". <BR><BR>what&#039;s significance of requiring parentheses in calling subs?<BR><BR>thanks

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