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    I built my ASP using PWS and an Access 2000 database. I am now ready to move the application to my ISP who supports SQL server 7.0. I tried the upsizer in Access 2000 and it asked me to specify which SQL server I want to upsize to... Of course, I don&#039t have SQL server installed.<BR><BR>How do I upsize without having SQL server installed?? Can I install an evaluation version of SQL server (available from Microsoft) and upsize, then upload my new SQL db to my ISP?<BR><BR>Also, I&#039m sure I will need to modify my ASP to work on the server. I currently execute SQL commands in the following way:<BR> set conn = server.createobject("ADODB.Connection")<BR> "orders" &#039 my db name is orders... <BR> set rs=conn.execute(SQL)<BR><BR>How would I rewrite this code to work with SQL server? <BR><BR>Thanks SO MUCH for your help.

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    Default I forgot to add a detail to my question... Please

    Will the evaluation of SQL server run with PWS???

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    Go to to download a 120-day trial or order a CD of the eval. The last CD I ordered cost about $20au. It was great, came with 2 cd&#039s including Sql and NT4 SP4 and a bunch of other stuff!

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    Sql Server is a database server and runs on an operating system. It does not care what webserver you use or even if you don&#039t use one. For your web app to use the database, it merely has to be able to connect to the db server. This can be via ODBC, OLEDB, ADO or whatever.<BR><BR>All you should need to do to get your app to work with Sql Server is to change the connection string. Some minor changes may be needed in your sql query strings.

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