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    I have a database..that i connect to through an ASP Page..i need the ASP Page to find the DAY it i can prepare my sql statement...e.g..Select * from whatever where day=MONDAY...<BR>how do i request the day...i can request the doing now()

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    Hi,<BR> There is a function weekday in VBscripting which returns the weekday as a number.Starting Sunday as 1 and saturday as 7.<BR> u can try like this.<BR> myweekday = Weekday(Date()) which returns 6 for friday.if u want it by name u can write a small switch case statement to get the names.<BR><BR>Balaji.

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    VBScript can also be used to return the names of the days<BR>myweekday = Weekdayname(weekday(date))

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