Respond to I have created a Secrity ASP routine that is included in the start of each ASP page. This security routine checks to see if specific values have been set in the session object. If the values haven&#039t been set, the security object assumes that the session has either expired or the page has been called directly without logging on. The security logic does a RESPOSE.REDIRECT to the login page and then executes a RESPONSE.END to cancel the original requested page processing<BR><BR>The problem I am having is that I have multiple pages opening in a frameset. The pages are being coordinated in the frames by client side javascript. If and when the session expires and the client attempts to click a menu link, I have 3 almost-concurrent page requests being received. The security logic responds with three login pages to the frameset (very ugly situation). I have solved the problem temporarily by having the login page contain a &#060;BASE href=Login.htm target=_top&#062; tag. Unfortunately, I still get three login pages displaying before one takes over the frameset. Any suggestions???