I have a form on my page named "ScoreCriteria." When a user submits the form a VBScript sub is called to validate the form field entries. One of the field names on the form is dynamically created using the CritID and a string, so to get the name I have to create a string as follows:<BR><BR>intCritID = ScoreCriteria.critID(recNumber).value<BR>strIrrNam e = intCritID & "irrelevant"<BR><BR>After creating the name I need to check the value of the field. Ordinarily, I would do the following:<BR><BR>strFieldValue = ScoreCriteria.fieldName.value<BR><BR>But since I don&#039t know the explicit fieldName, I am doing the following:<BR><BR>strFieldValue = ScoreCriteria.strIrrName.value<BR><BR>Unfortunatel y, when I do this, I get an error stating that this is not supported. Does anyone know the correct syntax for this?