calling an .exe file from asp

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Thread: calling an .exe file from asp

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    Leon Collins Guest

    Default calling an .exe file from asp

    I have IIS installed on my Windows NT 4.0 machine. I have .exe file that I&#039m trying call from the iis web server installed on the machine. The .exe is c compile program. I trying to figure out how to get IIS to run the .exe file when I call it from the browser or from an asp page. Can you offer some help?

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    Rob Guest

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    You need to read this article from 4guys:<BR><BR><BR><BR>It was very helpful...but I ended up writing my own wrapper in VB 6.0 to open an application written in C+ and pass it two variables.<BR><BR>Hope this is helpful<BR>Regards,<BR>Rob

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